Trip to Pali

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Last year we went on a short one day trip to Pali (MA buddies). road is the all time favourite NH4 (old Mum-Pune h/w) Need to cut through an intersection aprox 15 kms before Lonavala. thats is after khopoli. from there temple is 30 kms. road is little rough but good greenery all around. its a fairly deserted road but surprisingly there's a small petrol pump on the way. good if you forget to tank up before the ride.

Pali's Ganpati is one of the Ashtavinayaka's of Maharashtra. there's a small fort behind the temple called Songadh. plan was to do a small trek there. but dropped it since the sun was blazing in its full glory. (the trek is possible in fair weather. aprox time is around 2 hours at a lazy pace)

we took our lunch break at Uncle's Kitchen in Khopoli. (He's the same Uncle from Malad) The ride was refreshing because of the whole scenery. no break downs, no mis-happenings.

finally managed to get my office buddies hooked on to riding.

You can see the snaps here:


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