Life in Bangalore Chapter 1

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Life in Bangalore
Chapter 1 - The socks tale

"Ohh god, I forgot to carry socks". Although its not the most wonderful thought to start life in a new city, but at least it meant I had something to do in the free time I had before joining my new office.

When I decided to shift my base to Bangalore, it was the first amongst many things I bought. A fantastic pair of adidas ClimaCool socks in my favourite colour, hold your breath, Black. (I remember one of my self-proclaimed thinker friends telling me in my school days -Black is not a colour, it's the absence of light.)

The flight to Bangalore was not exciting as expected. First, it was too short a ride and mainly, because I couldn't feel the speed. Sitting in something travelling at about 1000 kph and you don't feel anything. Damn it. Bike rides at 100 kph are hell more exciting. The thrill of first flight travel faded off in 10 minutes as all I could see was clouds, more clouds and occasionally no clouds with nothing underneath.

I dumped luggage at my company-paid guest house and got ready to roam around in the city with my cousin. Before stepping out, I once again said with a concerned voice "I forgot to carry socks". He taunted calmly, "You can buy socks in Bangalore too". We roamed around for what it seemed like eternity with a running commentary from my bro who seemed to know each and every building in the city and every stone on the pavement. (Ohh, that's Ayyar uncle's dog's poo)

While aimlessly walking on the streets he continuously kept pointing at various shops where I could buy socks from. And the adamant (loyal) adidas follower I was, I kept on ignoring his suggestions. Finally I saw it in a corner. The adidas signage gleaming in all its glory. At last a known sign in a stranger city. I was grinning from ear to ear like an idiot. As I entered, the familiarity of things around immediately made me feel at home. (Home doesn't look much different with everything adidas hanging on all hangers, hooks and doorknobs) So finally there I was, looking lovingly at my new pair of adidas ClimaCool socks in my favourite colour. My day was made.

From there we went to blah blah blah blah... and came back to my guest house at around 11. I retired to bed after bidding farewell to a few Heinekens and a couple of smokes. I closed my eyes with a peaceful smile. And then it struck to me like a lightening bolt. I was in a shock like my bike ran out of fuel on the highway...
"Ohh god, now what will happen to my old adidas ClimaCool socks lying at home?"


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